Track Kits
TRACK KIT : Which Commander track system should I choose?

Your choice must be made according to your type of vehicle and what you intend to use the tracks for.

WS4 – ATV track system: Suitable for both recreational use and for carrying out some heavy-duty maintenance work.

WS4 L-Ratio – ATV track system: Suitable when brute force is required.

Your dealer can also help you make a choice. 

UTV VEHICLE : Does Commander have a track system especially designed for a UTV?

Commander WSS4 is a track system that is specifically designed for UTVs.

SEASONS : Are Commander tracks designed to be used as efficiently in wintertime as in summertime?

Yes. WS4, WS4 L-Ratio and WSS4 are the only real all-season tracks on the market. All three use a slide-free system with double guide lugs (patent pending), that reduces friction and minimizes components wear.

COMPTABILITY : Is my vehicle compatible with Commander track systems?

Different adapters are available for fitting track systems on most ATV/UTV vehicles. 

You can easily do a “Search by ride” directly on the Commander website to find the kind of tracks that will suit your vehicle.

Your dealer can also give you a great deal of information.

WEIGHT : How much does a Commander track system weigh?

Track weight can vary according to the system chosen. In general, you would say 140–160 kg (300–350 lbs) for an ATV and about 180–200 kg (400–450 lbs) for a UTV.

Commander track kits are the lightest on the market.

REPLACEMENT PARTS : If I need replacement parts for my Commander track kit, where can I purchase them?

All replacement parts can be ordered at your local dealership.

To find the product SKU, please refer to the installation manual supplied with your track kit, or consult the available online instruction manual on the Commander website.

CONVERSION : I already have a WS4 track kit. Is it possible to transform it into a WS4 L-Ratio to have more power?

Yes it is, by purchasing the track sprocket conversion kit to transform your WS4 into a WS4 L-Ratio. For more information, please contact your local dealership or visit the Commander website.

WARRANTY : What is the warranty on a Commander track kit?

All Commander ATV track kits have a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. You can add an extra 12 months for a total of 24 months (2 years) by registering your product on the Commander website.

SHIPPING : After registering my Commander track kit, how long will it take to receive my Ambassador kit?

It takes no more than two weeks following registration of your product to receive both the Commander T-shirt and cap.