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Our engineers had one thing in mind; develop a track system tailored to the trails while making driving pleasure and safety top the list.

Trex 2.0

You want to be in control and do what you please. Go off the beaten track and overcome every obstacle. Introduce the Trex 2.0 ATV tracks.

Trex UTV

Equipped with four-season tracks and developed for giving your UTV a maximum flotation and performance in snow conditions. The TREX UTV changes everything!

Trex 3.0x

Equipped with four-season tracks and developed for maximum performance in snow conditions. The TREX 3.0x changes everything!

Wide Track

Snow, ice, hail: nothing stops you anymore. With the Wide Track ATV tracks, you're ready to fight the elements and scout new territories you didn't even know existed.


The WS4 is the logical continuation of our “Commander” series, with reduced driving effort, decreased vibration and same traction capability as always for the best performance in all 4 seasons.

WS4 L-Ratio

The WS4 L-Ratio ATV track kit is a close variation of the well-known WS4 model, but geared towards more intense work. This kit is equipped with our new 13 inch sprocket for more power to the track.


You’re driving your UTV and wish you could cross over this white snowbank alongside the path in the winter? Stop limiting yourself; drive a “Commander” WSS4!


Being there isn't enough. You dream of taking the lead, excelling, exploring and going where nobody has ever set foot (nor wheels!) before. The WTX ATV tracks are made for you.


The XTR is above all a proven design with well-researched tracks giving optimum performance in both summer and winter seasons.

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