Privacy policy

The Commander brand (collectively referred to as ‘‘Commander™) has a mission to reflect all that is best in the market with regard to flotation, design and performance of track systems for all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles. In order to fulfill this mission, Commander™ counts on the latest technologies and unparalleled expertise in the track accessories industry.

Thus, over the years, Commander™ has not only been a standout with regard to the quality of its products, but also by its versatility and resistance. Whether you are on an ATV or a UTV, for fun or work, the Commander™ tracks will take you where you would never have dared to go with your tires, and in total safety. Commander™ is part of a world-class company enjoying the advantages of the Commander™ Inc. distribution network, and their commitment to offer quality services and best-in-class advice to its customers.

Always intent on respecting its customers, partners and collaborators, Commander™ has attached great importance to the protection of personal information, which its customers convey in the context of their activities, including consultation of its web site.


This policy is designed to meet the requirements of applicable legislation protecting the privacy of individuals.

In particular, this policy highlights the provisions introduced to manage the collection, possession, use of, communication and destruction of personal information in the private sector. The rules introduced were designed to establish a balance between rights pertaining to the protection of a person’s privacy, as concerns their personal information, and the need for Commander™ to gather, use or communicate them in the context of its business activities.

For the application of this policy, we refer to ‘‘personal information’’ as information concerning any natural or legal person which allows us to identify them.


To ensure that this policy is respected, Commander has made every necessary effort to request responsible and professional behaviour with regard to the protection of this personal information, at all times, from its employees, representatives or authorized agents they hire. To achieve this, the company will be offering the appropriate information or awareness sessions when needed.

For Commander™, the protection and privacy of personal information it has acquired is controlled at each of the following 5 steps of confidential information management:

  • collection
  • possession
  • use
  • communication
  • destruction.

At each one of these steps in the management of personal information which Commander™ possesses, Commander™ will ensure having received consent from the person concerned, who must do so voluntarily and for specific use. To do this, Commander™ has opted to obtain the consent of the person concerned in writing via some forms.


Only the forms and technologies used to adapt navigation on the Commander™ site can gather personal information on visitors.

This collecting is usually done with the person concerned and with their consent (often tied to the management of navigation preferences via their Internet navigator).

Commander™ will be gathering only personal information needed to optimize usage on the CommanderTrackKit.com site and to have useful information to identify the visitor on the site.

At all times, visitors can refuse to fill out forms at their disposal in order to preserve their confidential information. At all times, visitors can modify their navigation preferences on their own Internet navigator so that the CommanderTrackKit.com site does not retrieve any information from their visit.


Commander™ applies strict security and deploys all reasonable efforts on the business side to ensure the privacy of the personal information it possesses on its clientele, and its protection against loss and all access, use of, non-authorized duplication or modification. Commander™ ensures that these means are reasonable, especially given the sensitivity of this personal information, and their end use, quantity, distribution and support.

In addition, Commander™ ensures that this personal information, contained on electronic medium, is kept in such a way as to allow for efficient, secure and limited control.


Access to personal information is limited to Commander™ employees, representatives or authorized agents for whom this information is required to carry out their duties.

The use of personal information that Commander™ possesses is limited to the sole use for which it was gathered, that is, to optimize navigation on the CommanderTrackKit.com site, to update the site’s user profile and for market or product development, linked to the clientele you represent.

Commander™ ensures that the personal information it has obtained is up to date and exact at the time it is used.


Commander™ agrees not to share personal information is possesses to a third party without having obtained prior consent from the person concerned or legal authorization.

At all times and without exception, Commander™ agrees not to sell, release or lease to a third party any personal information it has obtained.

In connection with any authorized or permitted communication, Commander™ ensures that the confidential nature of the personal information remains protected.

The Commander™ communications and marketing department occasionally sends newsletters, advertising and other correspondence for Commander™ via various means of communication such as emails and regular mail to dealers, potential customers and consumers to keep them informed about the products, promotions and/or events that may be of interest to them. Please note that in all these cases, the personal information shall remain confidential.


When personal information in the possession of Commander™ is no longer required to carry out the work for which it was gathered, Commander™ ensures that all this information containing personal information shall be destroyed in such a way that the privacy of the information is not compromised.

Commander™ agrees to inform anyone who makes the request that they have personal information on them, what it is used for and when it is provided to third parties, should that occur.

At all times, Commander™ allows the person concerned to access and to consult the personal information in their possession.

It is also possible, for that person, to contest the accuracy of the personal information in their Commander™ account and to make the appropriate corrections, as stipulated by the law.

To request access for personal information, or request a correction or an update of this information, the person concerned can contact Mr. Guy Normandin, in writing at the following address:

5355 St-Roch S.
Drummondville, QC
J2E 0B4

The latter must give the person requesting this, a reply within (30) days of the date of receipt of the request.

Sales Policy

Commander™ does not sell directly to consumers. To purchase products viewed on the CommanderTrackKit.com site, the consumer must contact one of the authorized Commander™ dealers (in person, by phone, fax, email or through their Internet sites).

Commander™ distributes its products specifically to dealers operating in the motorized sports industry. But, Commander™ can refuse to sell to a dealer that does not respect their policies and /or business requirements.

All consumer requests sent to Commander™ are automatically directed to the nearest region’s dealers, or to Kimpex Inc.

Pricing Policy

The CommanderTrackKit.com site does not post prices of its products. To know the sales prices, we recommend you contact your nearest ATV or UTV retailer or go to the www.kimpex.com site.

Retailers can sell at higher or lower prices as they see fit.

Management Policy for Returns

The management of returns must be directly ensured by the retailers according to the return policy in effect for regular orders. In no case shall Commander™ be responsible for the management of product returns purchased from retailers.


Warranties applicable to products distributed by Commander™ posted on the CommanderTrackKit.com site are set and managed by the retailer according to the policies and warranties in effect at Kimpex Inc.

To obtain more information on product warranties, please contact Kimpex via the www.kimpex.com site.

Commander™ products qualify for warranty extensions upon registration of the product on the CommanderTrackKit.com site.

Data and Responsibilities

Commander™ agrees to post up-to-date information on its CommanderTrackKit.com site, but will not be held responsible for any possible or potential errors. In no case whatsoever shall Commander™ be responsible for accidents or losses related to this data.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to validate the accuracy of the information supplied by Commander™ before purchasing a product on the site.

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